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ThermoFisher Group: Is a multinational group with more than 50 companies, hundreds of brands. Thermo Fisher Scientific has over 39,000 employees and serves more than 350,000 in pharmaceuticals and Biotech companies, hospitals and clinical diagnostic labs, universities, research institutions and government agencies, as well as environmental, industrial quality and process control settings.

  • Laboratory Research and Analysis
  • Analytical Instrumentation
  • Software and laboratory Information Management Systems
  • Lab equipment
  • Propriety protein
  • Healthcare and Clinical Science
  • Research Consumables
  • nucleic acid
  • Clinical testing systems and supplies
  • Fine and High -Purity Chemistry
  • cell biology and cell culture
  • Diagnostic products and services

As a medical technology company that works to transform the impact of medical equipment in low-resource hospitals around the world, Gradian Health Systems is the manufacturer and distributor of two great machines which helps in bringing a positive global health, unleash human potential in delivering care and improving lives. Gradian machines includes:

  • Universal Anaesthesia Machine (UAM)
  • Portable Critical Care Ventilation with Gradian (CCV)

Since 2019, Del/UMG Medical -USAhave been a worldwide provider of medical imaging systems and IT solutions; X-ray imaging systems for non-destructive testing; Del/UMG Medical is now a leader in:

·         Medical Imaging and Healthcare IT



Cole – Parmer has been a leading global source of laboratory and industrial fluid handling products, instrumentation, equipment and supplies with more than hundred thousand products. They are experts in the fields of temperature measurements and control, electrochemistry, and fluid handling.

  • Material Handling and Storage
  • Material Testing and Physical Testing
  • Pressure and Vacuum Instruments
  • Electrical Products
  • Filtration Products
  • Flow, Level and Valves
  • Safety Products
  • Temperature Measurement Products
  • Test and Measurement Products
  • Furniture
  • Laboratory Equipment

Shenzhen New Industries Biomedical Engineering Co. Ltd (SNIBE) is a bio-medical ISO certified company (ISO13485: ISO9001) specialized in clinical laboratory instruments and in vitro diagnostic reagents. SNIBE has formed a strong team of professionals: Reagents R & D and production center, Instruments R & D and production center.  

Since 2015, Kas Medics Ltd, has been a sole distributer of SNIBE Company’s products especially in Immunology machine (MAGLUMI 800) and Reagents in Tanzania.

SNIBE main leading products includes.

  • Immunologye.g.MAGLUMI 800, MAGLUMI4000 Plus
  • Integrated System
  • Clinical Chemistry
  • Reagents

Biologix Group Limited has been continuously offering not only the traditional regular lab consumables in the field of molecular biology, histology, microbiology. It is a company committed to the design and manufacture of high quality, reasonably-priced scientific and has excelled at providing top quality laboratory supplies and biomedical supplies to distributors at unbeatable prices. 

Biologix most products include sterile, DNase and RNase free and non-pyrogenic using the highest quality medical-grade plastic materials. Some of the world’s top laboratory supplies, in vitro diagnostic kits, and medical devices are also produced by Biologix as OEM and/or Private Labelled products.


NÜVE is an ISO certified company with IOS No: 9001:2008, ISO 13485:2003 with products designed and developed for a broad spectrum of markets including clinical laboratories, medical research, biotechnology, agriculture, veterinary labs, food, beverage and dairy, chemicals, automotive, aerospace, ceramics, water and pharmaceutical industries.

Nuve main products includes: Cold Storage, Incubator, Steam Sterilization, Heating & Dry Heat Sterilization, Blood Banking, Medical Refrigerators, Centrifugative, Water Bath, Water Distillers, Climatic & Growth Chambers, Laf& Microbiological Safety Cabinets

Artemis Life Sciences is a manufacturing a wide range of specialist products, primarily in the Hematology, in-vitro diagnostics (IVD) market


With more than 20 years of experience, Fazzini SRL has become the international leading supplier of hospital furniture and medical equipment, producing and distributing all over the world more than 4.000 medical and electro-medical devices.

Among our clients there are important and prestigious International and charitable Hospital Institutes, Non-governmental organizations and a big network of local institutions in Europe, Middle East, Africa and Asia.

From the Fazzinimain target which is to guarantee a constant quality of their products for their customers through offering at the same time flexible and innovative solutions at reasonable prices, Kas Medics Ltd have been supplying the following Fazzini products to most of Public and Private Hospitals as well as to various Health Care Centres here in Tanzania.

For more than a century, the OHAUS name has been synonymous with high-quality, durable and user-friendly balances and scales that are routinely recognized as the most reliable in education. Our long-standing success can be attributed to our unwavering commitment to offering a wide range of products that are efficient and simple to use.

OHAUS Corporation manufactures balances and scales for the laboratory, education, industrial and specialty markets worldwide.

OPTIKA, Italy: Is one of the leading companies in the manufacturing and distribution of educational and laboratory equipment, with a 45-year experience in the production of scientific equipment. OPTIKA Italy offers a comprehensive range of products divided into three business lines:

  • OPTIKAMicroscope: With more than 100 models, fully accessorized, to virtually suit every customer need from educational to research applications.


  • OPTIKA Balances: Over 25 series of counting scales for educational, laboratory and industrial purposes
  • OPTIKA Science: A huge range of instruments, kits and lab furnitures for the school’s scientific laboratories, from primary to high schools.

SCHILLER is a world-leading manufacturer and supplier of software solutions for the medical industry as well as devices for:

·         ECG – Electrocardiography

·         Diagnostic Station

·         Emergency Care & Resuscitation

·         Patient Monitoring

·         Pulmonary Function Testing

·         Medical IT

·         Blood Pressure

·         Diagnostic Analysis Programs


Greiner Bio-One International AG is the world market leader in the field of Biotechnology, diagnostics, pharmaceutical, medicine and in Vitro- diagnostics. The product range is comprehensive, including products for blood collection, urine collection and specimen collection. The specimen collection systems, blood collection systems and urine collection systems are sold in over 100 countries worldwide. The products for blood collection and collection are reliable and simple to use. The VACUETTE blood collection system consists of blood collection tubes, multiple use drawing needles and various other blood collection accessories. The blood collection system is ideally suited for venous blood collection. The MiniCollect capillary blood collection system is perfect for capillary blood collection.


Eppendorf is a leading life science company that develops and sells instruments, consumables, and services for liquid-, sample-, and cell handling in laboratories worldwide. Product range includes pipettes and automated pipetting systems, which complement the range of highest-quality premium products.  

·         Dispensers,

·         Fermentors,

·         Pipette Tips,

·         Centrifuges,

·         Bioreactors,

·         Test Tubes,

·         Mixers,

·         Co2 Incubators,

·         Microtiter Plates, And

·         Spectrometers,

·         Shakers, And

·         Single-Use Bioreactor Vessels

·         DNA Amplification Equipment

·         Cell Manipulation Systems



Since Biosystems was first founded in 1981, our commitment has been to offer effective, reliable analytical systems to laboratories around the world.

Facilities in Barcelona occupy a floor space of 18.000 m2 and house a young and highly qualified team that researches, develops, produces and markets a wide variety of instruments and reagents of utmost quality and superb features.

Biosystems S.A., a Gisnper Group company, offers a wide and extensive portfolio of products for clinical and Agri-food diagnosis in order to streamline workflow, increase operational efficiency and improve the quality of life of people around the world.


·         Coagulation machines and Reagents

·         Microcolumn Chromatography

·         Elisa

·         Special Tests

·         Calibrators and Controls

·         Instruments

·         Automated Systems

·         Immunofluorescence


Hetero is one of India’s leading generic pharmaceutical companies and the world’s largest producer of anti-retroviral drugs for the treatment of HIV/AIDS. The company is globally recognized for its strengths in Research and Development, manufacturing and commercialization of a wide range of portfolio which includes 300 plus products encompassing major therapeutic categories such as HIV/AIDS, Oncology, Cardiovascular, Neurology, Hepatitis, Nephrology, Urology, Diabetes, Ophthalmology, Hepatology and Immunology.

Neopharma is one of the leading pharmaceutical manufacturing companies in the UAE and is dedicated to the benevolent. Neopharma has about over 200 wide range of pharmaceutical products such as Anti-Infectives, Cardiovascular, NSAIDs, Respiratory, Endocrinology Drugs, Neurologic, Antihistamines, Gastrointestinal, Genitourinary, Immunosuppressants, Nutraceuticals.

Innova Captab was started in the year 2006 and it became one of the leading pharmaceutical contract manufacturing company in India.

With facilities which are well equipped with latest plant machineries, instruments & equipment, Innova Cap tab manufacture a wide range of products in compliance with the cGMP requirements / guidelines of US Food & Drug Administration (US FDA), UK MHRA, World Health Organization (WHO), European union regulations, Schedule-M requirements of Indian Drugs & Cosmetics Act and other relevant regulations.

SQUARE Pharmaceuticals Limited is the largest pharmaceutical company in Bangladesh and it has been continuously in the 1st position among all national and multinational companies since 1985. It was established in 1958, converted into a public limited company in 1991 and listed with stock exchanges in 1995.


Founded in 2006, Meril is an India-based, global medical device company that is dedicated to the innovation, design and development of novel, clinically relevant and state-of-the-art devices. Our fundamental aim is to champion the alleviation of human suffering and improve quality of life. To enable this, we are committed to R&D, innovation in manufacturing medical technology, scientific communication, and contemporary distribution avenues.


Knee system

The DESTIKNEE system is designed on the same fundamentals of Freedom knee. It is proudly made in India. The knee system was developed using advance designed engineering technologies and extensive clinical experience to address the anatomical, physiological and lifestyle needs of today’s patients. Its significant design advances allow patients to achieve optimal high-flexion motion regardless of whether the all-poly or metal-backed tibial component is chosen. DESTIKNEE requires minimum bone cutting and enables conservative bone resection. It provides high-flexion and is a USFDA-approved and CE-certified knee implant.



The uncemented femoral stem has following basic design features:

  1. 1. Uncemented femoral stem is manufactured from Ti-6Al-4V-ELI conforming to ASTM F136-13- “Standard Specification for Wrought Titanium-6Aluminum-4Vanadium ELI for Surgical Implant Applications” and ISO 5832-3:1996: ” Implant for surgery-Metallic material – Part-3, Wrought Titanium 6-Aluminium 4-Vanadium alloy” and intended to be mated with Modular femoral head through 12/14 tapered male trunnion.
    2. The uncemented femoral stem is press fit, double tapered design with a hydroxyapatite (HA) coating and is intended to be implanted in prepared femur medullary canal without bone cement (press fit cementless fixation). HA coating is plasma sprayed coating conforming to ISO 13779-2:2008: “Implants for surgery — Hydroxyapatite — Part 2: Coatings of Hydroxyapatite”. Hydroxyapatite powder being used in HA coating conforms to ASTM F 1185 – 03 (2014) “Standard specification for composition of  Hydroxyapatite for surgical implants”, and ISO 13779-6 (2015): “Implants for surgery – Hydroxyapatite – Part 6 – Powders”.
    3. Uncemented femoral stem has both vertical and horizontal grooves to provide rotational and axial stability.
    4. Uncemented femoral stem neck has standard 12/14 taper male trunnion for connection to modular femoral head.
    5. Uncemented stem has instrumentation hole at proximal region to hold the stem by instrument and insertion of stem in medullary canal

Total Hip Replacement 

Total hip replacement also called as total hip arthroplasty is a procedure where the damaged bone and cartilage is removed and replaced with prosthetic components. Total hip replacements have been performed successfully at all ages, from the young teenager with juvenile arthritis to the elderly patient with degenerative arthritis. Know more here

Laerdal is one of the world’s premiere vendors of medical simulation and clinical education equipment. Laerdal Medical began their mission to “Help Save Lives” in 1960 with the invention of the CPR training manikin called Resusci Anne. For over sixty years, Laerdal has provided the global healthcare simulation community with clinical task training and high fidelity manikin products ranging from the Laerdal pocket mask to the LaerdalSimMan 3G.

The company boasts more than 1400 employees in over 20 countries with as many as 50 international distributors. We use evidence-based knowledge to develop and continuously refine our product and service solutions. We believe we can make the biggest impact on helping save lives by our efforts to improve educational efficiency and local implementation. ….The outcome was scientifically recorded, analysed and published in the leading Journal of the American Medical Association, JAMA. Norway had shown the way: every school child could learn how to save a life

Our Mission:

Helping save lives

Our Vision:

No one should die or be disabled unnecessarily during birth or from sudden illness, trauma or medical errors.

Our Goal:

Helping save one million lives every year by 2030

Every year, medical errors are responsible for at least 250,000 deaths in the United States
alone. We believe better implementation of simulation education can contribute to a 20%
reduction in errors, helping save 50,000 more lives, every year.

The idea to build up Esaote originally came from prof. Carlo Castellano, who at the end of 1970’s promoted a new project for Ansaldo (IRI Finmeccanica Group), Genoa, in the biomedical electronics sector, which grew into Esaote.


From the beginning of its activityEsaote devoted a major commitment in understanding and responding to the diagnostic needs perceived as most relevant: accuracy and precision of the clinical image as required by doctors on one hand, quality of diagnosis to improve the quality of life of the patients on the other.This way of thinking led to pioneering achievements in the medical imaging field delivering technological innovative solutions.


Diagnostic Ultrasound Systems



Esaote’s Cardiovascular Ultrasound include a wide selection of products, from console systems to premium performance portable units…

Ultrasound Systems for Cardiovascular

General Imaging

Esaote’s General Imaging Ultrasound covers any clinical need from abdominal to endocrinology applications.

Ultrasound Systems for General Imaging


Women’s Health

Esaote delivers a wide range of Ultrasound Imaging solutions in main Women’s Health imaging applications.

Ultrasound Systems for Women’s Health

DRI-CHEM from FUJIFILM is a dry chemistry analyzer which can perform multiple test parameters of Clinical Chemistry. 
It has a built-in auto-pipetting system, requires no calibration*1 and no water, providing easy preparation and maintenance. The new DRI-CHEM NX500 delivers results using a simple 3-step procedure. With its quick, easy operation and compactness, 
“Real Time and Borderless” Clinical Chemistry is made possible.

No pre-treatment of sample required

Plasma Filter (PF) can cut the turn around time and the pre-treatment process of the sample. It can generate plasma sample by aspirating and separating the whole blood inside the PF within 1 minute. Just set the PF on top of the sample tube and press START.

Only 10μL/Test

Each test needs only 10μL of sample. 
(CRP needs 5μL/test, ISE needs 50μL/3 tests). Manual pipetting can be also performed when less sample available.  Less invasive for newborn at NICU.

Automatic dilution

Dilution, a time consuming process, is also automated in FUJI DRI-CHEM. Just set the ratio of dilution and press START. Dilution test also can be performed simultaneously with the regular tests, requiring no separation of tests.

No calibration required*2 QC card system

A magnetic card called QC card will adjust the lot variability in the slide reagents. 
A QC card comes with every reagent box. The analyzer memorizes the lot adjustment information once a QC card is swiped. No need to swipe QC in every measurement for the same slide lot.

  • *2 CRP: Further calibration by liquid calibrators is needed.
  •  ISE: QC card system is not used.

Minimize the risk of biological hazard

Slide reagents after measurement will be automatically discarded to the disposal box, minimizing the risk of contamination.

A range of sample tubes can be used

Blood Collection Tube (φ13~16 × 75~100mm) 
FUJI PLAIN TUBE (0.5mL, 1.5mL) 

Addressing the requirement in strict laboratory management

USM (User Safety Mode) function is now introduced to 
NX500 as a selectable function.

Main features

  1. User ID registration system; Non-registered person cannot operate NX500. For this application, Operator ID Editor Kit (option item) is necessary to register and edit operator ID on your PC.          
  2. No result reporting from expired colorimetric slides.
  3. Expanded data transmission; Operator ID, Slide information (Lot/expiry) and Analyzer ID 

Accurate and reliable test results from long term and field-proven technology & experience

The FUJI DRI-CHEM slide reagent has high reliability and stability brought by fine chemical technology cultivated through the long history of FUJIFILM in photographic film manufacturing. 
Less variation of results between operators, high result reproducibility and daily precision, 
and excellent correlation with wet chemistry are its remarkable features.


Colorimetric method slide
(Enzymes, General chemistry, and Immunology)

This multilayered slide is composed of dry chemical ingredients needed for the reaction and other functional materials. It quantifies enzymes and chemicals using colorimetric method.

Composition of multilayered analytical film

Potentiometric method slide

Each slide comes with an ion selective film electrode for each of Na, K, and Cl. Slides quantify electrolytes in the sample by a potentiometric method.

Composition of multilayered film elec



DMS Imaging is a French high-tech company based in the south of France specialized in medical imaging diagnostics.  With more than 30 years of experience, the brands that make up DMS Imaging: ApelemDMSAXS Medical and Medilink. 

Focused in Apelem for R/F Fluoroscopy and Mammography.

We are primarily engaged in the design, manufacturing, and distribution of high performance digital and analog medical imaging systems, sold and serviced globally, through a network of factory-trained and authorized dealers.

UMG/DEL MEDICAL’s products are designed, manufactured, staged, and tested in our Harrison, NY, and Bloomingdale, IL facilities. Our Customer Assistance team is among the most knowledgeable in the industry and are ready to provide fast, courteous product support.

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